Twistolo™ Healthy Ice Cream

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Healthy Ice Cream In Seconds!

Finally, you can eat all the ice cream you want and not feel guilty about it. This amazing machine turns real fruit into a fat-free, preservative-free frozen dessert! Select your favorite fruit and in 3 easy steps, you'll have a scrumptious after-dinner healthy fruit ice cream for the whole family.

Step 1 Peel the fruit

Step 2 Put it in the freezer

Step 3 Twistolo™ turns your frozen fruit into healthy & delicious ice cream!


  • 50 Recipes included.
  • Healthy ice cream dessert!
  • Quick and easy to make.
  • Endless fruit combinations for custom desserts.
  • It's easy as 1 - 2 - Healthy Ice Cream!
  • Topping Dispenser Included.