Magnetic Charge - iPhone

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Rose Gold
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The world's best iPhone charger.

Always fumbling to charge your phone before bed? The Magnetic Charge makes charging your phone a breeze with its five-prong gold tip magnetic charging system. Easily connect and sync your iPhone to the one-meter long durable nylon cable and improve the charge speed with its lightning fast technology. Designed to make your life more convenient, this is the best charge cable out there. 




  • Easy Mag Connect - Seamlessly connect your phone to the cable using the 5-prong magnetic connector.
  • Strong & Durable - Housed in a tough nylon exterior and engineered to last this cable can handle anything you throw at it.
  • 1 Meter Long - Cables are always too short, this cable is 1 m long, so you can easily use your phone while charging
  • Lightning Fast - Using the latest in lighting technology this cable charges your phone faster than the average charge cable!