Antibacterial Quick Dry Towel

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Lusciously soft, with an exfoliating texture, and dries like its job depended on it.


Premium cotton and a curvy weave make for an exceptional towel in a lightweight body. A heavier towel sounds fancy, but the extra weight makes it less breathable and slow to dry.


Grown in America, extra-long staple Supima cotton is among the softest and finest on the planet. Twice as strong as regular cotton, the long fibers resist breaking or tearing which results in an incredibly resilient bath towel.


Most towels go through a chemical treatment process to make them feel soft and fluffy. But that superficial feeling washes away along with its ability to absorb. 

Each UnTowel™ is garment washed to achieve a natural softness and relaxed look, without the use of harmful chemicals. This way we get to enjoy soft, dry, and thirsty towels for longer.


Size: 31 x 57" / 79 x 145 cm
Weight: 380g


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